Brown-Eyed Girl, by Lisa Kleypas

Brown-Eyed Girl By: Lisa Kleypas Published date: August 11, 2015 Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Hero: Joe Travis Heroine: Avery Crosslin     I love love love Lisa Kleypas, and have been waiting for this book FOREVS! And yeah, we all have so I should just get over it, but it has been five years so… […]

Bound: The Mastered Series, Lorelei James

Bound (Mastered Series 1) Lorelei James Published date: February 14, 2014 Cheeseball rating: Two cheeseballs. Authenticity of Spirit: Better than most. How hot is it: Pretty hot with bondage. Obviously. Hero: Ronin. He’s complex, dangerous, and sometimes funny. Like it!  Age 38. Heroine: Amery. She’s strong without being a shrew about it. Age 28. Lorelei […]

A Kiss for Midwinter, Courtney Milan

A Kiss for Midwinter, Courtney Milan Ratings Cheeseball rating: One cheeseball. Authenticity of Spirit (or are these characters and situations believable): I found it both authentic and unique for the romance genre. How hot is it:  Hot Hero: Tall, handsome, scholarly… Speaks his mind in a frank manor that sometimes does him no favors. Heroine: Likeable. […]