About Us

Liz: Like Maura and Terra, I was the book-obsessed kid reading way too late into the night. I read a ridiculous amount still, and try to at least experience a little of all genres. I’m looking to branch out these days and very much welcome recommendations!

Maura: I read books. Like a lot of books. I read books when I’m listening to books, that’s how much I love books. I love romance most of all because of the historical tidbits and weird facts, and I really dislike reading books where the main characters dislike each other.

Terra: I read my first romance novel literally under my comforter with a flashlight. I went on to hide my romance novel habit in other  creative ways as the years went by, and now I’m putting all that whimsical subterfuge to work! I’m now a library manager in the biggest library consortium in the country, which means I see a lot of romance novels pass through my way on a daily basis so I know that no one has time to read a bad book! Although I love historicals, I read mainly contemporary romance.

Maura and Terra: We’ve been swapping books for, like, twenty years now. We met in middle school, so you guys don’t do that math please, but it’s been forever. We started this super fabulous blog because we’ve said a gazillion times to each other, “I started reading a book, and then halfway through I realized I’d read it already.” For busy chicks, that is such a bummer. And then we also kept saying to each other, “I just have not read any good books lately.” So we thought we’d just make a Google Doc for ourselves with little blurbs so that we could see what the other was reading and if it was any good. And then, it just kind of became this blog. So, welcome, we’re excited to have you!



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