About that Night, by Julie James


About that Night
By: Julie James
Published date: April 3, 2012

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 
How hot is it: Moderate. Nothing too scandalous, but still hot.
Hero: Kyle Rhodes
Heroine: Rylann Pierce

So yep, I’m on a Julie James kick. I liked this one a bunch, probably more than the previous one since I overall liked Kyle better because he was essentially a computer geek, which just appeals to me. Anyway, as usual, James creates realistic situations, organic relationships, and clever dialogue. This book also goes ahead and takes on high romance as well. Not that all her books aren’t romantic, but this one is about fate and chance meetings and second chances. It’s great.

Rylann and Kyle meet at a bar in grad school. They’re supposed to go on a date the next day, but Kyle’s mother dies and he never calls her. Fast forward about eight or ten years to present day and Kyle is just out of prison for hacking into Twitter and Rylann gets a job as an Assistant U.S. Attorney  in Chicago, which is also where Kyle lives. Turns out her new law office handled Kyle’s case, and their reunion is in the middle of a packed courtroom. It’s sparks from the start as Rylann and Kyle rekindle what they might have had way back in grad school. The only hitch in their plan is that Rylann rightly believes that a U.S. Attorney dating an ex-convict  isn’t exactly good for business.

Both Rylann and Kyle are wonderfully drawn. Kyle is smart and charming, but vulnerable in a believable way. Rylann is tough without being a bitch and just has her head on straight, and she’s quick as hell. She doesn’t spend the entire time wondering what she’s going to do about Kyle, she mostly just lives her life and tries to do nice things for other people and kick ass at her job. I can’t say how refreshing it is to see this kind of character in a romance novel. Julie James does it again!


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