It Happened One Wedding, by Julie James

It Happened One Wedding
By: Julie James
Published date: May 6th, 2014

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
How hot is it: Moderate. Nothing too scandalous.
Hero: Vaughn Roberts
Heroine: Sidney Sinclair

So I like Julie James. Her heroines are hard-working ladies with real jobs that matter, sarcastic, and don’t do dumb stuff. The books are without a bunch of hemming and hawing and the generally contrived romance novel reasons that two people can’t be together. Julie James’ characters just hang out and have fun and fall in love naturally the way people do in real life, only her characters are probably funnier and stuff. So anyway, I appreciate rational human beings making rational decisions while still being interesting and engaging.

In this book, Vaughn Roberts is an undercover FBI agent who witnesses Sidney on a blind date, and decides to hit on her when the date ends because she clearly wasn’t interested in the guy. Sidney turns Vaughn down too because he’s clearly a pompous ass who is full of himself. Then it turns out that their siblings are engaged. And getting married. And having a baby! And no one can know! Woah! So naturally, Vaughn and Sidney end up spending a bunch of time together.

There’s a classic ploy in here because Sidney is looking for a man, which is why she was on that blind date when she first meets Vaughn, and isn’t having much luck on a dating site. So, of course, Vaughn, being a man’s man, or man about town (I just love that phrase), helps her figure out which guys are just after sex and which ones really want committment. If you can’t guess, Vaughn falls under a guy who just wants sex. And he gets it. From Sidney. And it’s pretty hot.

Here’s an exchange I found humorous and indicative of why Julie James is a great romance writer.
  Vaughn stared at her. “Are you taking notes?”
        “Hell, yes. This is good stuff.” She read out loud as she typed. “‘No texts good-night.’ Got it.” She looked up. “What       else?”
        “Seriously, Sinclair. I was just inside you ten minutes ago.”
        She reached out and touched his hand, her smile sweet once again. “Aw, baby. And you know how special that was to me.”

So to break down why I think this is hip… Sidney takes notes. Yes. Who doesn’t like a chick who takes notes? She takes stuff seriously and is conscientious, which is not, like, a hot commodity in romance novels. Not all girls can be cute and whimsical, okay? Some of us just like to get shit done. Then I like how she totally turns around and gives Vaughn the same guy bullshit girls get, but in a way that’s not harsh and dispels any awkwardness in a situation that probably should be super awkward. Finally, the whole thing is just all around clever without being too precious.

Anyway, this is a great book! It’s snappy and funny and sweet all at the same time. It’s not strictly a part of her FBI/US Attorney series, but it does have an FBI guy. That said, that series is also great, and Julie James isn’t going anywhere, which is very good news for romance readers.


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