Sold to the Sheikh, by Chloe Cox

Sold to the Sheikh
By: Chloe Cox
Published date: December 2013

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
How hot is it: Sizzlin!
Hero: Sheikh Bashir
Heroine: Stella Spencer

So as you may know, I’m a librarian, and it recently came to my attention that not only do we have a strangely large number of books about sheikhs, considering my last book request was just “All Amish books,” but that they get checked out with extraordinary regularity. Anyway, so it got me wondering what exactly I was missing with all this sheikh business. Turns out I was missing a lot of hot gettin’ it on, and some slightly uncomfortable ethnic stereotypes.

Anyway, Stella works at Club Volare, a private gentleman’s club that specializes in kinky stuff where men can literally purchase women. Stella is like a bartender or cleaning lady or something there, I couldn’t really figure it out, but I do know that she wasn’t actually for sale. So when she “accidentally” stumbles into the auction room and Sheikh Bashir takes an interest in her, it’s pretty shocking for her. However, after the sheikh more or less reads her thoughts and soul because, since he’s foreign, he’s automatically mysterious and intuitive, she accepts their agreement, and they get on with the freaky deaky doin’ it. (If you didn’t notice, I’m trying to get around writing “sex” so much. I’m hoping to create a bank of euphemisms. Suggestions are welcome!)

After the sheikh goes to jail for some kind of thing that I didn’t pay much attention to, the two of them get together for lifesies, and it’s great because up until that point Stella was feeling like a prostitute, and just really questioning all her life choices. I can’t imagine why really, since she’s spent a great weekend in an expensive hotel room being screwed out of her mind. Also, is it wrong that when I read that he was putting her up in a swanky hotel room for the weekend, my first thought was that being a sex slave might be worth it to get unlimited cable access? Don’t answer, I already know.

Liking this book kind of goes against everything I believe in, but it was nicely written. I remember thinking while I was reading it that I was enjoying it. The sexual tension and descriptions were effective and not too cheesy. Not that it was without cheesy parts though. At one point this happens: “I cannot wait any longer,” he [Sheikh Bashir] said into her ear, his voice choked and hoarse. “You are mine.” I mean, this “you are mine” stuff is getting a little played out, is it not? However, once you just kind of accept the premise, the rest of the book is completely unobjectionable. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this author, if not other books about sheikhs!


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