Perfect for You, by Kate Perry

Perfect for You (Laurel Heights Novel #1)
By: Kate Perry
Published date: Dec 29, 2011
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5
Cheeseball rating: 3 out of 5.
Authenticity of Spirit: Could be better.
How hot is it: Medium hot.
Heroine: Freya.
Hero: Greg.

So this book was okay. I was looking forward to reading it, and it didn’t quite measure up to my expectations based on the description, but it was still a new voice I don’t regret experiencing. The general story was a little short of being interesting despite being funny in the description. Frankly, just no one would ever write to Craigslist looking for a sexual muse. At least no one I know who is in charge of all their mental faculties. I mean, it’s absolutely inviting perverts and murderers, but whatever, I was willing to overlook it.

The basic story: Freya needs to get laid. And don’t we all? Her work is suffering, and she’s doing the graphic design for a sex toy company, or something, I would look to make sure, because it might have been a store, but it hardly seems important. So anyway, even though she’s apparently gorgeous and could date anyone (good for her! vomit.), she decides to try her hand at writing an incredibly cheesy ad on an online site soliciting dates to get her mojo back. Of course, this is a really sound plan.

Anyway, her upstairs neighbor, Greg Cavanaugh, who is hot, also likes her. But Freya hates lawyers because she blames a lawyer for deliberately bankrupting her father. (As a side note, I always love a guy with the last name Cavanaugh, it just sounds like the perfect mix of intelligence and toughness). It’s the flimsiest of reasons not to like someone, and it’s pretty silly throughout the book, but still, I was willing to just go with it. Once these two get together, the book gets better, but the relationship between them seems incredibly forced. Greg seems very obsessed with Freya without any apparent reason besides the fact that she’s willowy and gorgeous.

The story reaches its climax when Freya actually gets a successful hit from her ad, and dates a guy she genuinely likes. So then she has to decide between Greg and this other dude. Who will she choose? Definitely a nail biter. I’m just kidding, it’s obviously Greg.

So, listen, I wouldn’t put this book in a top 10 list, but there were moments of really good dialogue and sincere spirit, so I wouldn’t count this author out.


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