Delicious, by Adrienne Lee

By: Adrienne Lee
Published date: December 3, 2013

 Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Cheeseball rating: Three cheeseballs.
Authenticity of Spirit: Eh.
How hot is it: Very tame.
Hero: Nick, an advertising business owner.
Heroine: Jane, a pie baker.

So at first I really liked this book, the narration was engaging and the characters seemed grounded, but then the plot as a whole  kind of fell flat to me. It was short so everything was rushed, and the characters actually never seemed to have a full conversation, instead they focused on their attraction to each other, which was not super hot because it was mostly closed door sex scenes. There also wasn’t any flirting or fun-having so it was just kind of a bummer.

Anyway, Jane and Nick are former step-siblings who are back in contact because their parents are remarrying. At first meeting, their attraction is apparently undeniable and they kiss, not recognizing each other since it’s been like fifteen years or something. So then they find out who they are, and concoct a plan to break up their parents. They soon realize this is a stupid plan, and then basically, after taking a few pictures of Jane and having sex with her, Nick falls in love with Jane.

And then, in the year 2014, educated people with means have sex without a condom, and Jane gets pregnant so they get married. But, wait, a doctor texts that Jane isn’t pregnant, because my doctor is always texting me important health information, and Nick leaves her at the altar because he thinks she wants to go to pastry school in Paris even though she only seems to know how to make pie crust, which is like literally four ingredients and takes me less time to make than writing this review. So then they get married, and oops, the doctor screwed up his phone numbers, Jane actually is pregnant! Happy endings! And don’t forget, there’s always the whole underlying thing that these people are step-siblings because the parents do end up marrying.

So anyway, this wasn’t a terrible read. It meant well, and there was nothing objectionable about the characters. I would have enjoyed it more if it had been a novel because it just seemed to lack the richness I look for in a romance. Nonetheless, it made me hungry for pie, included lovely recipes, and spurred me to leave the house to go buy a pie, so it was mostly a win-win.


2 thoughts on “Delicious, by Adrienne Lee

  1. Siblings?!?! Guh-ross. Even “step,” bleh bleh BLEH.

    Do they do anything sexy in the bakery? With like fruits and chocolate and stuff?


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