You’re the One, by Robin Kaye

You’re the One
By: Robin Kaye
Published date: June 4, 2013

Cheeseball rating: Two cheeseballs.
Authenticity of Spirit:  A little contrived, but not a dealbreaker.
How hot is it: Sex, but not especially spicy.
Hero: Logan
Heroine: Skye

So I’d never read Robin Kaye before, and hadn’t even heard of her, but I was looking for a book to listen to while traveling and came across this in my library’s audiobook collection. It was pretty good. I would say it was better, but the characters didn’t grab me much, and they seemed to fall in love with each other super fast without much reason for it other than they both existed in the same city and worked under the same roof.

That said, I enjoyed listening to it, probably mostly because I was familiar with the narrator and she was able to do the whole Brooklyn accent thing, which I wouldn’t have been able to do inside my head so I appreciated it. Anyway, so Logan was pretty cool, and to tell the truth, I liked all the of supporting characters, probably more than I actually liked the main characters.

The story is that Skye moves to Red Hook because her famous restaurateur parents didn’t give her her own restaurant when she turned thirty, and want her to remain doing the business end of their restaurant chain. Well, all Skye wants to do is cook, so she gets a job at the Crow’s Nest, a bar and restaurant in Brooklyn. Logan, a rock star vintner, is back in Red Hook from the Napa Valley to manage the Crow’s Nest for a month because the guy who he thinks of as his father just had a heart attack and needs watching over. Logan and Skye meet, and then for whatever reason, they start hanging out.

They’re not supposed to like each other at first because Logan is engaged to a douchey socialite, and so they try for like two days to ignore their attraction to each other, but obviously fail. Then in a pretty predictable and weak conflict, Logan has to go back to his job for some awards thing, and is photographed with his ex-fiance. Skye freaks out because she automatically assumes that he’s back together with her, and so naturally, she quits the job she’s had for like three weeks, and goes back to San Francisco.

This is definitely one of those novels where the whole relationship part doesn’t seem all that authentic. These two people are fine, but there’s no reason for them to be together. Neither is especially interesting either. Nonetheless, I liked the book. It wasn’t a book I read cover to cover in one sitting, and I didn’t carve out time to finish it like I would with something I was really into, but it was nice to discover a new author!


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