Rough Surrender, by Cari Silverwood

Rough Surrender
By: Cari Silverwood
Published date: June 24, 2014

Cheeseball rating: One cheeseball.
Authenticity of Spirit: Pretty good.
How hot is it: Super hot.
Hero: Leonhardt
Heroine: Faith

So I guess I didn’t read the summary for this book, because it took me way longer than I should admit to realize that it was set in a different time period. I’m still not quite sure what time period it was in, but if I had to guess, it would be the early 1900’s. It didn’t make me enjoy the book any less in the beginning, I guess I just thought it was a regency novel, but then there were cars and stuff and so I got confused. So even after there were car descriptions and it was the advent of flight shows, a concrete date would have been extremely helpful to me.

Anyway, beyond all that, this book was great. It was set in Cairo, Egypt, a place I rarely read about, and the whole atmosphere of the book felt very Rebecca-esque, like something spooky was about to happen at any moment. From the disembodied arm they find in the beginning to the flying, this book hooked me and I totally got into it.

The story is that Faith is in Cairo for an aviation show, and plans to fly her airplane in it. She’s also supposed to be getting married, but doesn’t think that men interest her. Until she meets Leonhardt, or Mr. Meisner, of Luxembourg. And I just can’t tell you how awesome it was to read about someone, even fictional, from Luxembourg!! I don’t know why, but I just love hearing about that place. Anyway, Leonhardt is bald, which I also love since I’ve got a thing for bald guys and they’re rare in books, and he’s an engineer who also likes a bit of domination. From the first time they meet Faith is excited by Leonhardt because of his commanding presence, and he recognizes that even though she is fiercely independent she craves being told what to do. They embark on an affair that involves some super hot sexy sex, whips, bondage, etc.

There is a mystery underlying this story, as girls are disappearing and being found dead. This all has some connection to the slimy owner of the brothel Leonhardt went to in England the previous year. I’ll admit, I was less interested in the whole mystery part of it and didn’t spend a whole lot of time on those parts, but did appreciate them insofar as they added a suspenseful element to the relationship between Faith and Leonhardt.

Things fall apart when Faith learns that Leonhardt is the one who has hidden the missing engine to her plane because he thinks flying is dangerous, which it totally was!! So as you probably suspected, Faith leaves Leonhardt’s hotel (where she is supposed to stay) and is captured by these brothel men and whipped harshly before Leonhardt can find her. This experience, of course, makes her question the nature of her relationship with Leonhardt until he takes charge and they live happily ever after.

I legitimately enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting, the dialogue was good, and the characters were both just a bit opaque, which suited the style of the book. I’ve never heard of this author before, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on her for future reads.


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