Here for the Cake, Emily Poule

Here for the Cake
Emily Poule
Published date: March 16, 2014


Cheeseball rating: One cheeseball.
Authenticity of Spirit:  Yes!
How hot is it: It got pretty hot for straight chick lit.
Hero: Ben. Age: 29.
Heroine: Mina. Age: 29.

Oh, my gosh, after a string of kind of awful reads, I opened this book and from the first I felt like I’d found a new friend. Here for the Cake made me nostalgic for all my high school friends, mourn having to grow up and leave them behind, and rejoice to know that life is only better for having experienced it all in the first place. That said, this book broke my heart so many times! It had a happy ending, but it really put me through the emotional wringer. For anyone who has unresolved love, this book aims right for your soft spot with brutal truth.

Basically, Luke was Mina’s perfect football player ex-boyfriend who broke up with her when long distance got too difficult, and now he’s getting married to some perfect cheerleader horrible person. Mina is a PhD student in Linguistics who has kind of lost herself in academia pining for Luke. When Luke’s best friend, Ben, shows up and pays for her plane ticket to break up the wedding, she thinks he’s crazy, but eventually goes and meets up with her high school friends. Ben and Mina have to pretend they’re together to make Luke jealous and realize he should be with Mina. Of course, this backfires, and Ben and Mina end up falling for each other.

This is a super funny book, like actually funny. The banter is sharp and intelligent, and it really did feel like I was talking to my own friends who have their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them amazing and make our friendship special. Seeing Mina interact with them really made me like her and root for her. Ben was also awesome, he was just enough of an asshole to be interesting, as well as sexy and charming. And Ben actually brings me to my only semi-complaint about the book, and it’s not even a complaint so much as a wish. I really wanted more of Ben, and less of Luke. I know Luke like had to be around, but I wanted more of Mina and Ben’s story rather than so much rehashing of the poignant memories of Luke because, really, they were so wonderful and painful to read that it just made me anxious and a little teary. So when Mina and Ben’s scenes came around they were so great not just because they were falling in love, but because they were such a nice break from all that super emotional stuff.

So as I met all the supporting characters, I kept thinking that she’d set it up perfectly to have this book turn into a series. I hope it happens because I super enjoyed this book, and would love to read some more! And just FYI, this is a self-published book, and I didn’t even realize it until I was done so props, lady, hope to see more of her in the future!


2 thoughts on “Here for the Cake, Emily Poule

  1. Penelope, you guessed it…it’s totally going to be a series. The next book is coming out this fall.

    P.S. is your name a nod to the Julia Quinn series? If not, you should check it out.


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