Edge of the Enforcer, Cherise Sinclair

Edge of the Enforcer (Doms of Dark Haven)
Cherise Sinclair 
Published date: May 13, 2013.

Cheeseball rating: Two Cheeseballs.
Authenticity of Spirit (or are these characters and situations believable): The interactions between the characters feel real.
How hot is it:  Hot Hot Hot
Hero: Studly
Heroine: She was cool.

So if you read 50 Shades of Grey and thought it was super corny and terrible, but at the same time kind of got interested in the whole BDSM thing, Cherise Sinclair should be your go-to. I’m not educated on BDSM stuff and haven’t read a lot of it, but Ms. Sinclair creates fun, sensitive characters and compelling conflicts.

In her newest Dark Haven installment, we meet back up with the crew from San Francisco, and the sadist DeVries gets his own story. It’s been awhile since I read the last book in this series, and I only vaguely remember DeVries, but even his name is hot so I was excited to curl up and give it a read. As is usual with these novels, Sinclair injects a kind of underlying suspenseful component, which I don’t think is actually necessary, but it doesn’t really bother me. In this book, the main submissive, Lindsey, is running from the law. Of course, this is just an opportunity for DeVries to showcase his skills as a buff mercenary, and then she nearly dies, he nearly dies, and they realize they’re meant for each other, blah blah. It’s standard stuff, but it’s done well enough and  doesn’t necessarily take away from the story.

As the story progresses,  we get a bird’s eye view of the dynamics of a sadist and a submissive, which are not the greatest fits, BDSM-wise. I like this sort of information because I’m new to the genre. The main story between Lindsey and DeVries is sweet and punctuated with some lusty scenes, but I really did get the sense that they liked each other, appreciated each other on a practical level, and had the same values. It didn’t feel like they were just thrown together in the club for the sake of the series. I’d recommend this book for anyone alone at home on a weekend. Pour yourself a glass of wine, red seems most appropriate, close the bedroom door, and enjoy!


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