The Best Man, Kristan Higgins


The Best Man (Blue Heron Series)
Kristan Higgins 
Published date: March 1, 2013.

Cheeseball rating: One cheeseball!
Authenticity of Spirit: High, they seem to actually fall in love.
How hot is it:  There was steamy foreplay, but no sexy sex.
Hero: Sincere and hot.
Heroine: We could totally be friends.
Weight: Light

I recently read a Julia Quinn blog where she said she thought Kristan Higgins would be how she’d sound if she wrote contemporary romance novels. I think it’s a good comparison even though I’ve only read one book by Higgins. Higgins is a fun, witty voice whose heroine is multi-faceted and likable, and the guy in this book is a perfect mix of sensitive, funny, and masculine.

I also enjoyed the modern bent of the storyline. Who hasn’t dated a gay guy at this point? I kind of hope we’re not at a point in history where dudes have to carry on with the charade of heterosexuality for as many years as her fiance did, but I was willing to buy it. I especially liked that they ended up friends, and thought it was one of those things good authors do for their characters. She didn’t have some other character awkwardly claim that Faith is a cool chick, but we got to watch Faith slowly forgive her ex-fiance, which subtly illustrates a depth of character that would seem insincere if described outright.

I’m also a total sucker for the old returning to your hometown and finding love stories because I love the history there, and it was neat to see this couple’s history unfold. A definite must read, and a great choice for the beach!



2 thoughts on “The Best Man, Kristan Higgins

  1. Maura: I am definitely going to read this author due to your comparison to Julia Quinn! I love her, and she just doesn’t write fast enough! Maybe we should add tags to reviews that remind us of other authors we love. Sometimes I just want to read a Julia Quinn or an Eloisa James, but I’ve read and reread them already.


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