Axel, Harper Sloan

Axel (Corps Security, Book 1)
Harper Sloan
Published date: July 9, 2013

Cheeseball rating: Three cheeseballs. The first three pages talk quite earnestly about karma and fate getting into an altercation. It was too much for me.
Authenticity of Spirit: Eh.
How hot is it: ??
Hero: He gets worked up a lot. If you like that, it’s hot. Sometimes it’s a little unbelievable that he’s a human being.
Heroine: I felt sorry for her, but didn’t read enough to form an opinion one way or the other.
Weight Scale: Heavy, very heavy.

I bought this book for three reasons: I saw it on BookBub for $.99, the guy on the cover was smoking hot in a would-never-be-interested-in-real-life-trailer park/wife beater kind of way, and it had pretty good reviews. And… those were the best things about the book. Also, it should be noted that the subject matter in this book is heavy, with violent scenes that some may not enjoy. To be honest, I didn’t finish it, but it had nothing to do with the subject matter.

First off, I’ll just admit it, straight romance novels written in first person are not my favorite. Even though this one switches point of view, and you’re seeing things from the guy’s perspective as well, there’s just something about it that takes me out of the romance of the story and puts me too much in the mind of the writer. It was also what made this book really difficult to read. The author’s voice was really grating and empty to me, especially when describing the scenes where the heroine has episodes of distress from her former life of domestic abuse. It read like a really lazy retelling of a television episode that the author might have seen in passing. So while I appreciate the author trying to point a light on the issues that plague women, I kind of feel like they deserve better. That said, I didn’t finish it so the last 80% could be truly stellar.


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