Motorcycle Man, Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man Series #4)
Kristen Ashley
Published date: December 11, 2011

Cheeseball rating: Two Cheeseballs.
Authenticity of Spirit (or are these characters and situations believable): It was really high before I read the other books.
How hot is it:  Hot Hot
Hero: Totally alpha
Heroine: Sometimes annoying and sassy just for the sake of being sassy, but I liked her overall.

Here’s the thing about this book: I liked it a bunch. It had hot, tough, alpha biker men, a decent enough plot, Tack, the main dude, was older and had graying hair, which for whatever reason really did it for me, and the speech was a change from other books where the guys actually just sound like girls talking. I also really dug the overall vibe of it; it did of good job of making me feel like these guys were rough around the edges. Sure, it did kind of feel like it was based on Sons of Anarchy, but that’s what I was looking for so it was a win.

However, it wasn’t without flaws. After a while, and I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of needed some prepositions. By the end of the book, Tack’s constant dropping of pronouns, conjunctions, and  preps ended up seeming like plain laziness by the author, and hey, it’s a beast of a long book so I mostly don’t blame her. Here’s a kind of sexified example: “You think, Red, right now, I put my hands and mouth on you in about two minutes you wouldn’t be pantin’ to be flat on your back?” Clearly, words are missing. I get that it’s a style choice, but at a certain point it just becomes distracting.

Another point I’d like to make: I read this book first, not realizing it was a series, and after going back and reading some of the other books in the series, I have to say that most of the guys are extremely similar. If you really like this book, and you probably will, you’ll enjoy the others in the series if you’re fine with, as I mentioned earlier, the absence of some traditionally used conjunctions, as well as very overused phrases, such as “show me your sweet,” which is high on the cheesiness scale. I was willing to accept it for one book, but it’s overused in them all, and honestly, I had to stop reading them. It just gets less sincere and interesting as time goes on.


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